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I   N   S        L   I   T   A



Most of us were born and raised in Sardinia, others have decided to make it their home. Because you know, you can't help falling in love with our island, especially with its bleakest, least glossy part. And that's what we do, we bring it to you.

We have been offering tailor-made experiences in the center and northern Sardinia for over 30 years. Behind every excursion and connection, you will clearly feel the love for our land, that is why your journey through the Mediterranean scrub will be an authentic one.

For us, it will be like inviting you into our living room, without forgetting our attention to detail and professionalism, so as to create an unforgettable experience for every type of traveler.

what we offer

tailor-made experiences

Trekking, kayaking, Jeep tours, visits to the inland villages, craft shops, local wineries, traditional lunches and tastings. These are just some of the unforgettable experiences you can have with us. All completely customized and with the constant presence of an expert guide and with the comfort of a private pick up and drop off directly to your hotel or boat


“The Oliana-based company manages to bring those tourists who know Sardinia only for its sea to the hinterland. Tourists are pleasantly "kidnapped" in jeeps or canoes between challenging treks or quiet walks in places unknown to mass tourism (...), where culture and nature intertwine to become one. This is the magical cocktail that makes Barbagia Insolita something special, suitable for those who want something more than the usual.” 


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